Our Purpose
Cornerstone Learners Educating 4 Eternity wants to increase the accessibility and availability of quality Christ Centered mental health social services to underserved populations.

Our Mission

Aimed at destigmatizing mental health and train individuals how to help loved one’s cope and     experience recovery from mental health through RESTORED 8 basic health principles.


In light of, the current Coronavirus Pandemic concerns, Cornerstone Learners: Educating 4 Eternity, will be offering webinars in the place of face-to-face meetings.

Our program  provide:

  • For Students:

    • Coordinate hour-long webinar presentations on; Anxiety, Depression, Anti-Drugs, and Anti-Bullying, Health and Wellness. Grades 5-8

    • Mental health counseling and referral;

  • For Staff: 

    • Staff development; 6 1/2-hours Mental Health First Aid Training.

  • For Parents:

    • Attention and Engagement Parent Workshop 

    • Buddies, not Bullies Parent Workshop 

    • Diet and Mental Health Parent Workshop

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